Aloha KHS Family,

Moving into the new year we can't help but reflect on our successes through these challenging times.

In 2020 KHS was able to transfer close to 600 animals to mainland rescue partners, return more than 300 animals to their owners, and find loving homes for almost 1,100 animals. That means KHS was able to find homes for more than 50% of the animals that came to our shelter right here on island!

The neonate foster program accomplished the amazing task of saving 900 kittens and with our brand-new incubators, we can save even more in 2021 thanks to a grant from the Orphan Kitten Club.

We are going to take the successes and experiences of 2020 to improve upon our 2021 goals. We aim to perform more spays and neuters and promote microchipping so we can return more pets to owners, and become a greater resource for our community. These goals will only be successful with your continued support as a volunteer, foster, donor, educator, or advocate.  Thank you all for your support in 2020. We look forward to sharing more exciting news with you in 2021.

Nicole Schafer Crane
Executive Director
Kaua'i Humane Society


December By The Numbers

Last month, KHS found homes for 131 dogs and cats, transferred 32 animals to our mainland partner shelters, and reunited 23 animals with their families. 

MAHALO to all our amazing volunteers, staff, and supporters who helped so many happy tails come true! 


Did you know you can sponsor a kennel?

Taking care of the animals in the shelter is a lot of work. They need to be fed twice a day, have plenty of fresh water, waste needs to be removed, and the kennel needs to be disinfected. Plus, there is all of the fun stuff, like toys, exercise, socialization, and activities. While you may not be here for the day to day care, you can still help with just a few clicks. With a $150 monthly donation, you can provide all of the food, cleaning, toys, and supplies for the entire month! We will send you updates of the guests in the kennel, we will place a plaque with your name and message on the door, but best of all you get to save the lives of the animals that call this temporary space "home". Join our team of committed donors, who provide a safe place for animals while they wait for their forever home. 

Puddy is an adoptable cat!

Adoption Fees Waived for Adult Cats

Take home a kitty six months or older with zero adoption fees through the month of January!


Dog Park Day Passes & Memberships

For the cost of a monthly Starbuck's drink, you could have a yearly membership to the Kaua'i Humane Society dog park. Meet other dog owners and watch your dog enjoy a roll in the grass with dogs its own size. Just want to give it a try? We have day passes for $5. The dog park is open from 10am-5:30pm every day, except holidays (New Years Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). Come see what all the fun is about.

Have fun with your dog in our dog parks!
Featured Pets this month are Kailah and Rolo!

Featured Animals: Kailah & Rolo

Meet Kailah: Kailah is a 7-year-old love bug. She will gladly love up on you, but is also content to be on her own near a window to sunbathe in. She’s independent, curious and friendly! Just like most of us this year, she’s gotten used to sniffing out snacks; so, make sure you hide them from her! Her piercing green stare and sweet nature is easy to give into.

Meet Rolo: Rolo is one of our senior residents, but don’t let that graying muzzle fool you. He’s got the spark of a puppy in his eyes. Sometimes his hips give him a little trouble, but he doesn’t let that hold him back. This gentle, old man is all love. Still working from home this year? He’s the ultimate foot warmer. Just put a dog bed under your desk and remember to reach down for occasional head scratches, and Rolo would be the happiest doggo in your neighborhood.


Staff Spotlight: Jason Bartlett - Volunteer Coordinator

"Aloha, my name is Jason Bartlett. I'm so thrilled to be taking over the Volunteer Coordinator role here at the Kauai Humane Society! I was born and raised in Tennessee surrounded by dogs, cats, chickens, and all manner of critters. I also love people (nearly) as much as I love animals, so please come say hello and introduce yourself the next time you're at KHS. I'm so excited to learn everything I can to make your volunteering experience with us easy, enjoyable, and enriching. I look forward to meeting you!"

Jason is our volunteer coordinator.
Kim is a rockstar volunteer!

Volunteer Spotlight: Kim McDonald

“I love animals and volunteering. The dogs are a special part of that and the ones that really tug at my heartstrings are the ones that are so shy. So, I try to spend time with those after we take their photos. Those poor animals don’t have anyone to speak for them, so it's up to us. I retired from my job about two years ago. I now spend my time volunteering with several organizations. I help wrangle the pets while Faye photographs them. I adopted a Jack Russel Terrier after my dog passed away and it helped heal me. She is a comedian!”

KHS now offering monthly cat yoga classes!

KHS Cares - Yoga with Cats

The new year brings New Year resolutions, which gets us thinking about how we can improve our physical and mental health. At KHS we do the same thing, but for our furry residents. You may even be sharing a resolution with one of our canines, like taking longer walks. On Saturday, Jan. 16 our Executive Director is going to provide a virtual yoga class where you will not only be able to stretch your muscles and focus your mind, but you will also meet some of KHS’s residents and learn about what KHS is doing for their mental and physical health. The class is for beginners with options to add challenges and requires no special equipment. You can even include your own pet in the practice! We can’t wait to see you on the mat.

Executive Director Nicole Schafer Crane has been practicing yoga for more years than she would like to admit to, but in 2014 she took her yoga interest to the edge of the Himalayas in Dharamshala, India to become an instructor. She returned to Saipan to open a yoga studio with two like-minded friends. She offered outdoor yoga, yin/yang yoga, yoga for seniors, and in-office yoga for businesses that needed a stretch after a long day at their desk. She continued her teaching in California and is excited to bring her style and love for animals to Kaua’i.

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