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Aloha KHS Family,

As pet owners, we expect to be greeted each morning with a wagging tail or the deep meows of a cat waiting for breakfast. We expect to be greeted when we come home from work with puppy kisses and tail twitches. We especially expect to be stared down as we take the last bite of dinner each night. Sometimes we find this adorable and sometimes we do not, but we cannot imagine what it will be like when our pet is not there during these daily heart-warming interactions. 

Approximately 10 million pets are lost or stolen in the United States each year! We never want to think about our pet going missing, but as responsible pet owners, we must prepare for this worst-case scenario. For the month of March, KHS is focusing on ensuring pets make their way back home through free microchips, free photo booths to help create missing pet flyers, and website updates to ensure the reunification of your pet is swift. Although we hope these preparations are never needed, we encourage all pet owners to take advantage of these services.


Nicole Schafer Crane
Executive Director
Kaua'i Humane Society

Atreyu is happy about our January adoption numbers.

February By The Numbers

Last month, KHS found homes for 90 dogs and cats, transferred 19 animals to our mainland partner shelters, and reunited 34 animals with their families. 

MAHALO to all our amazing volunteers, staff, and supporters who helped so many happy tails come true! 

Become a monthly donor!

Monthly Giving

Caring for animals is a year-round endeavor. While there are times that our shelter is less crowded than others, we have dogs and cats that count on us every day for their food, water, kennel cleaning, and playtime. When you become a monthly donor, you make sure we have all of the supplies and tools ready to provide the exceptional care our animals need while they wait for their new homes. Did you know that for as little as $20 a month, you can help provide high-quality food to our animals? For $30 a month, you can help to make sure that all of our cats get the vaccines they need to stay healthy. A donation of $50 a month can help offset the cost of our spay and neuter surgeries for our shelter dogs. When you join our monthly giving program you are helping to make sure every animal gets the best possible care while they are with us. Not only are you helping our animals all year round, you also become a member and get to enjoy all the benefits that membership provides!


KHS Cares - Free Pet Photos

This month we're participating in a national Return to Home Challenge. This means we'll be focusing on how we can return animals to their owners more effectively, preferably so that they never even have to come into the shelter. As a part of this challenge we're offering free pet photos:

  • Saturday, March 13 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.,
  • Sunday, March 21 from noon - 4 p.m., and
  • Sunday, March 28 from noon - 4 p.m.

Community members can get a professional photo of their pet for free so that if they ever lose their pet, they have an identifying photo for a missing pet flyer. We'll also be offering free microchipping. Make sure to check out our sale booth of leashes, collars, and pet costumes.

To make an appointment, please email 

Join us for dog art March 15-19.

Dog Art Parties and Auctions

If you follow our social media, you might have seen our cat painting parties and auction last month. This month we're focusing more on our canine friends. At noon HST Monday, March 15 - Friday, March 19 we'll showcase two different shelter dogs painting their very own masterpieces which we'll then auction off on our Facebook page. Tune in live to watch on our Facebook page, or watch the videos posted on our wall later and bid on your favorite pieces. You won't want to miss this hilarious event!

Garson and Rolo are our two featured pets of the month.

Featured Animals: Garson & Rolo

Meet Garson: Garson is a one-year-old grey striped tabby. She's been with KHS since she was a baby and she's just the sweetest little girl. She can be a little shy and does best with a buddy to help her be brave. But given a stable home environment and a little extra love from her family, she's sure to become your new best friend. Because she's been at the Kauai Humane Society for more than seven months, her adoption fees are waived so she can find her forever home even faster! 

Meet Rolo: Rolo is an eight-year-old hound dog. This dapper old man still has some spring in his step. He loves to go for walks, cuddle on the bed, and loves treats. His foster mom says he is a sweet boy and loves other dogs and people, just not cats. He walks about 2-3 miles on the bike path regularly but would be best in a home where he didn't have to climb a tall staircase. He's housetrained and knows several tricks!

Buy a cat from Kauai and we ship her to you!

Waived Adoption Fees for Long-Term Cats

We are waiving adoption fees on all cats who have been at the Kauai Humane Society longer than seven months so that they can find their forever homes as fast as possible. The longer an animal stays in the shelter environment, the more it is at risk of becoming stressed and ill. Seven months is too long, so we hope to match these puurrrfect companions with their families very soon! All of our long-term kitties are listed on our website here. By adopting one of these cats, you are truly saving their life.  

Emma is our staff spotlight this month.

Staff Spotlight: Emma White

"My name is Emma White and I recently joined the Animal Programs team here at Kauai Humane Society. I have family that has lived on Kauai for over 30 years, and I recently moved back to join them from Portland, OR.  I began working in animal welfare at Nevada Humane Society, where I worked for several years. I started as an Adoption Counselor and became the Lead Adoption Counselor. After leaving for some time to study abroad in Istanbul, Turkey (where I had an opportunity to work with the city's street dogs and cats), I returned to Nevada Humane Society and became the Grant Writer, then worked as a Help Desk Coordinator for people thinking about relinquishing an animal. Most recently, I worked as a Patient Access Specialist in the Pulmonary Clinic of Oregon Health and Sciences University and as an Event Safety Inspector for the Portland Trailblazers part-time. I am very excited to join the KHS team, to be working with animals again, and to get to know all of you! Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication, and love for the animals of Kauai."

Lyn is the Kauai Humane Society's volunteer of the month.

Volunteer Spotlight: Lyn Liao Butler

“I’m from New York and I volunteer and foster with several rescue groups there. We’ve been coming to Kauai for the last 10 years and every time we come we take dogs out on fieldtrip and then this time we’re here for a long time so I thought I would volunteer. I’m an author and I have a book coming out soon. I’m writing my third book right now which is going to be based on Kauai and the main character is going to volunteer at the Kauai Humane Society. That’s why I’m here. I’m doing research and I want to feature the shelter and all the good work you guys do.”

Join the Kauai Humane Society for virtual puppy yoga!

Virtual Puppy Yoga

It's 2021 and time to get off the couch! Join us for our first virtual puppy yoga class.

  • 3 p.m. Saturday, March 13.
  • Tickets cost $10 and give you access to our 30-minute relaxing yoga flow via a Zoom link
  • All proceeds from these events go directly to the animals at the Kauai Humane Society.
  • No equipment is necessary and all levels are welcome.
  •  Buy your ticket here. 

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